Here at Mesoform we specialise in creating a culture of excellence in IT operations. Ensuring high availability, growth management, low mean time to resolution (MTTR), meticulous business intelligence and top-class customer experience around your technical estate. Without experience in this area, it's easy to let costs run away and running a technology business become expensive but we have been implementing leading open source technologies for years. So working with us will ensure your costs are kept as low as possible and your technology team are not having to learn something proprietary

Monitoring & Event Management

Elevate your operational prowess with our SRE Centralised Monitoring Solutions. Our Site Reliability Engineers are laser-focused on providing you with a comprehensive view of your systems, applications, infrastructure and services, all in one place. With centralised monitoring, you gain real-time insights into performance, potential bottlenecks, and anomalies, ensuring that issues are detected and addressed before they impact your business.

When you want your customer and internal stakeholder experience to be as fluid as possible, it's vital that when an issue arises, you get clear and concise details as quickly as possible. To do this, it's key that this system integrates well with other systems, has a powerful event triggering function and has the ability to attempt to self-heal any detected issues but also notify people if it fails.

Take control of your operations and optimise your performance with our SRE Centralised Monitoring Solutions. When you can see it all, you can manage it all, and that's a game-changer for your reliability and efficiency. Join the league of savvy businesses that have harnessed the power of central monitoring and unlock your full operational potential today.

Data Analytics

For unparalleled insight and control over your system's health and performance, our SRE Centralised Logging, SIEM and Data Management Solutions are your essential toolkit. Our Site Reliability Engineers are dedicated to helping you streamline your data management process, ensuring that you have easy access to critical data when you need it.

Good decisions are informed decisions. Great decisions are made using great tools, specifically designed to turn raw data into powerful information without data smoothing effects seen when only using pre-summarised data from monitoring systems.

Having this sort of information available to everyone in your organisation will help your company make better choices. With advanced data analytics, you'll quickly identify issues, track down anomalies, and improve troubleshooting. This will help you when deciding where your business should pivot to next, where or how features or products are being used; and whether or not an idea is likely to have the desired impact - and whether it did

Gain a competitive edge with a unified view of events and make your data work for you. Choose our SRE Analytics Solutions and turn data into actionable insights, joining the ranks of forward-thinking businesses who've harnessed the power of data analytics to stay one step ahead in today's digital landscape.


Embark on a seamless journey to Cloud excellence with our Platform Engineering Team. We excel at distilling the intricacies of technical best practices into accessible, user-friendly solutions, making the adoption of advanced Cloud architectures a straightforward endeavour.

Cloud computing has been with us for a few years now and the impact it has had on modern life is outstanding. Behind the scenes, cloud computing has enabled huge advancements in banking, data storage, music, big data driven business intelligence and public travel, to name but a few but it is a rapidly changing environment due to security and compliance changes as well as new technologies arriving all the time.

Our approach empowers you to harness the full potential of the Cloud while simplifying the complexities of deployment and management. Embrace a future where Cloud architecture is not just powerful but also easy to adopt. Partner with us and experience the benefits of simplified, efficient Cloud solutions. Join the forward-thinking businesses that have embraced the power of uncomplicated Cloud adoption - choose our Platform Engineering Team and transform your digital infrastructure with confidence.


Unlock the power of streamlined development and operations with our advanced DevOps Automation Solutions. Say farewell to manual, time-consuming and repetitive tasks and embrace our streamlined, error-free workflows.

Our DevOps engineers have been implementing automation solutions on massive scales with hundreds of changes per day and will empower your team to automate provisioning, scaling, and configuration management; ensuring rapid and reliable deployments with minimal effort. Our powerful templates and modules are designed to boost productivity, reduce human error, and increase your competitive edge.

Join the ranks of industry leaders who have harnessed the power of automation to remove the burden of managing your Cloud and on-premise systems and propel your development team to new heights. Whether it's automating data processes, reducing costs, accelerating time-to-market or simply streamlining IT operations, our solutions are your key to success.


Simplify the complexity and fortify your cybersecurity strategy with our Platform Engineering Team. We're dedicated to transforming intricate security challenges into streamlined, user-friendly solutions allowing your development team to implement enterprise grade strategies easily.

Our approach empowers you to adopt advanced cybersecurity measures with minimal effort, reducing the learning curve and minimising the potential for errors. With our team, you can confidently navigate the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, ensuring your digital assets and operations are always protected.

Embrace the future of uncomplicated yet robust security solutions. Partner with us and experience the peace of mind that comes with our years of creating technical security and compliance solutions in highly regulated and targeted industries like telecoms and banking. Join the smart businesses that have made security simple - choose our Platform Engineering Team.

Disaster Recovery

When it comes to safeguarding your business from unexpected disruptions, our SRE Disaster Recovery Solutions are your ultimate shield. Our Site Reliability Engineers are on a mission to ensure your data and services are not just safe and recoverable easily but are also back online swiftly in situations where unexpected and major incidents happen, ensuring minimal downtime to your critical systems.

We've implemented industry-leading solutions for highly critical services and will work closely with key stakeholders to understand your specific recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO) and align them with your budget to ensure any potential for data loss is kept to a minimum and your recovery is lightning-fast.

Don't let disasters derail your business; choose peace of mind with our SRE Disaster Recovery Solutions. With us, you're not just prepared – you're one step ahead. Join the ranks of smart businesses who've made disaster recovery a breeze and secure your business continuity today.

Regulation and Compliance

Navigating complex regulatory compliance requirements can be daunting, but our Platform Engineering Team is here to simplify the journey. We have many years specialising in transforming intricate regulatory issues into straightforward, user-friendly solutions, making compliance a breeze through clever technology solutions.

Our approach empowers you to stay ahead of evolving regulations with ease, reducing the compliance burden and ensuring your business remains in good standing.

Partner with us and experience the peace of mind that comes with our technology approaches to simplifying compliance. Join the smart businesses that have made compliance simpler - choose our Platform Engineering Team and stay on the right side of the law with confidence.


GitOps is a process of using source code management systems (like Github) to automate changes, control access and assist development teams in their ability peer review code.

Implementing GitOps is the strategic move for businesses ready to revolutionise their development and operations. By adopting GitOps, you're embracing a paradigm shift in managing infrastructure, applications, and configurations. It helps ensure consistency, traceability, and collaboration like never before.

Mesoform has been implementing GitOps solutions on massive scales with hundreds of changes per day and will give you peace of mind, resilience, and the agility to adapt to changing requirements swiftly. In a world where speed and reliability are paramount, Mesoform and GitOps is your path to a future-proof, efficient, and error-free operations ecosystem.

Common Issues

A few common issues Mesoform engineers regularly resolve

Not enough engineering resources to run efficient and scalable systems?

Having an SRE (Site Reliability Engineering) team can play a crucial role in mitigating the challenge of not having enough engineering resources to run efficient and scalable operations. They act as force multipliers, enabling your organisation to achieve more with the resources you have. They bring a unique set of skills and practices designed to make systems more reliable, scalable, and efficient, ultimately reducing the burden on your engineering resources. Mesoform’s team can be available for whole projects or on-demand whichever matches your unique requirements.

Behind the curve on latest technology developments leading to high opportunity costs?
Taking a long time and costing a lot to implement new technical Infrastructure due to lack of experience?
Lack of decent monitoring system causing recurring issues?
Losing information due to poor business intelligence (BI) system deterring system improvements?
Finding senior In-house technical experts difficult and expensive?
Old infrastructure and technology preventing you from achieving growth milestones and innovating?
Compatibility, flexibility and lack of knowledge of proprietary technologies making updates or acquiring new systems very expensive?


Some technologies you may know which Mesoform regularly work with

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Google Cloud

Google Cloud



Consul Service Discovery and Configuration

Hashicorp Consul

Docker Containers

Docker Containers





Ansible Automation

Red Hat Ansible



Elastic Stack Analytics

Elastic Stack

Zabbix Enterprise Monitoring

Zabbix Event Management

Google Cloud

As a business we've been building enterprise grade Google Cloud (GCP) solutions for the finance industry. Leading the design and engineering for a massive global bank, creating the largest Google Cloud organisation on the planet and providing a service which ensures the bank's cloud first policy meets the high demands of regulation, compliance and security.


Kubernetes is a powerful and open-source container orchestration platform designed to automate the deployment, scaling, and management of containerised applications. It has become the industry standard for container orchestration and is highly extensible with a robust ecosystem of plugins and extensions. Mesoform has been managing Kubernetes and building unique solutions on top of it for many years.


An uncompromising mature enterprise-level platform designed for real-time monitoring of millions of metrics collected from thousands of servers, virtual machines and network devices, effortlessly scaling to even larger environments. Gather and analyse accurate statistics and performance metrics, visualise it, get notified about current and potential issues without delay. Powerful event management function and SLA tracking.


For many years we've strived to deliver solutions through the use of repeatable code and automated deployments. We've chosen to use tools like Terraform and Ansible to ensure consistency and reliability and proven our level of excellence to meet rigorous standards within the public and banking sectors.

Elastic Stack

Visualise and navigate your data, so you can do anything from learning why you're getting paged at 2:00 a.m. to understanding the impact rain might have on your quarterly numbers. Mesoform has been implementing data analytics solutions using Elastic Stack for many years and providing valuable insights to all areas of business.

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