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Unleash the full potential of your digital platform with our expert Platform Engineering team. We are your architects of scalability, reliability, and innovation. Whether you're launching new products or optimising existing ones, our team is dedicated to designing and maintaining the robust infrastructure your business needs to thrive. We're not just your engineers; we're your partners in building a future-ready platform that scales effortlessly, ensuring a seamless experience for your users. Join forces with our Platform Engineering team and experience the difference of a rock-solid, high-performance foundation for your digital success. Elevate your platform - partner with us today.


Ready to supercharge your operations with top-tier Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) expertise? Look no further. Our SRE team is your ticket to unparalleled reliability, performance, and scalability. With a relentless focus on proactive monitoring, automation, and incident response, we keep your systems running at peak efficiency. We're not just your support; we're your partners in achieving operational excellence. Join forces with our SRE team and experience peace of mind, knowing that your digital services are in the hands of experts committed to delivering unparalleled uptime and customer satisfaction. Elevate your reliability game - partner with us today.


Looking for a DevOps team that can supercharge your development and operations? Look no further! Our seasoned DevOps experts are your catalyst for success. With a proven track record of optimising workflows, automating processes, and ensuring seamless collaboration, our team will drive your projects to new heights of efficiency and quality. Say goodbye to bottlenecks and hello to rapid, error-free deployments. Join forces with our DevOps team and watch your development teams thrive in the digital age.


Our most common engagement model involves project-based delivery around a statement of work (SOW) assessment. In this model, instead of providing an engineering consultant to be an individual contributor on a single task, we provide a team of specialists and will manage time accordingly to meet your budget requirements I.e. if you can afford two engineers but we have a team of 4 working on the project, they will work only half the monthly hours. By doing this we are able to provide a much better overall service because we can spread load, make someone always available (even during planned leave); and offer more skills and experience for your requirements.


As highly experienced systems integrators, Mesoform specialises in improving IT Operations. We ensure high availability, scalability, reliable incident management, meticulous business intelligence and top-class customer experience. This can be expensive but we've been implementing leading open source DevOps technologies for years, so working with us ensures your costs are kept to a minimum without your team having to learn something new and proprietary.


Determining a project timeframe can be challenging, as each scenario is distinct. Yet, with our streamlined approach, a basic lift-and-shift migration for two or three comparable Linux servers typically takes 1 to 2 months. Keep in mind that factors such as the need for uptime migration and the volume of data involved play a crucial role. Opting for Mesoform as your partner ensures not only the migration but also incorporates automation solutions and enhances primary Cloud features.


Your company is just a few clicks away from kickstarting change and accelerating your IT operations to the next level. We know that every business has a unique set of requirements, so our experts are well-versed in a wide variety of solutions and technologies - from the simplest automation processes to highly regulated and complex security enforcement services - making us the perfect partner to provide you the tailored solution you need to help your business grow.


Cloud computing brings a whole host of benefits. It's also key to remember that there are many constraints around public cloud. Keeping some aspect on-premise, may not just be regulation, it could save you money. The key to doing this right is to ensure your private cloud and on-premise systems are managed just like your public cloud.


Our pricing model is tailored to your specific needs, recognising the unique nature of each business and technical solution. Drawing from our extensive experience, we understand that few scenarios are alike.
In comparison to hiring individual consultants, our rates are highly competitive and our collaborative team approach, leveraging collective historical knowledge and diverse skill sets, enables us to achieve faster and superior outcomes.
At Mesoform, we pride ourselves on being greater than the sum of our parts and being able to bring value to areas of business often perceived as a cost centre only.

Other Factors

Keep in mind that We will need to spend time with some key people from the technology team. CTO, architects, lead engineers. For the initial assessment, the current state of how your technology development and operations are working at a high level. After which, we can probably look to start some tasks which could be quick wins.
We would then have one or more follow-up sessions with specific members of the team to dig deeper and gain further insights into more extensive or complex issues.
These calls usually take 1-3 hours but afterwards, we shouldn't need much more to be able to get started and any follow-up will then happen during scrum or sprint planning calls.

World-class engineering initiatives

As a renowned and highly esteemed enterprise, Mesoform has dedicated decades to constructing and managing systems and platforms that ensure the seamless and efficient operation of IT services. Our commitment to quality is evident through our partnership with Google and the recognition of our lead technologist as a global champion of innovation in cloud technologies—a distinction held by only ~600 individuals worldwide.
Mesoform engineers have spearheaded world-class engineering initiatives for some of the largest corporations globally. This includes guiding a heavily regulated company through its cloud journey, transforming its technology from just an idea to the largest, global Google Cloud implementation and likely one of the largest across all cloud providers. To illustrate the magnitude, our platform dynamically scaled with over a million new virtual machines every month to meet user demand.
Testimonials from our SME clients further highlight our ability to leverage our skills, experience, and prepackaged solutions to effortlessly meet requirements across all scales, consistently surpassing expectations.
While we offer traditional consultancy services, common in the Cloud and DevOps realm, our approach transcends this by providing solution-based project work and operating as a software development team using Lean and Agile methodologies. This team of engineers will collaborate closely with your technology experts to fully comprehend your requirements and deliver a tailored solution that optimally aligns with your business goals, budget and time constraints.
For smaller cases, we extend a request-based service, granting access to expert engineers on a case-by-case basis. This empowers your development team to concentrate on crucial features, accelerate progress, and maintain costs at a fraction of the expense of hiring permanent or temporary staff. Choose Mesoform for a comprehensive and adaptive approach that sets us apart from the competition.

The State of Your DevOps Report

Using the latest data, based on strict scientific research, we will review how you compare against the highest performers.


Every business is different, so we've provided an easy way for you to get the most from IT operations at a level that works for you


For the Concierge Service, our representatives will arrange a deep-dive remote call (or visit your offices), and work closely with your technology team to setup any, or all of your operational systems. Then, provide a quality hand-over, training and documentation that fits your needs.
After Service



As a supervisor of your systems, our representatives will provide all of the great elements of the Concierge Service. The Mesoform team will then continue to provide maintenance and improvements to these systems, so you don't have to.

Pre-built implementations can also be accommodated. One of our consultants will simply spend some time with your engineers to establish the build standards of them, then feedback the details to the rest of our team.

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Executive operations gives you the power to put your plans or actions into effect without having to spend time and money building and training teams to deliver them.

Maintaining operational systems and providing first-class incident and problem management around your technology takes time. Our Executive Service, liberates your staff from day-to-day operational responsibilities and allows them to focus on delivering things of real value to your business

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The Architect tier is a totally customisable solution where we will work closely with your key employees to design an operational model that expands beyond our standard solutions and services.
Custom Development
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