This episode's musings are about security-in-depth with a daft analogy of Google Cloud's VPC Service Controls. Making use of multiple technologies to secure your IT.


This episode's musings are about the negative effects of the positive attributes of generative AI


This episode's thoughts on Google Kubernetes Engine and Scrum for DevOps Teams:

  • Google Cloud GKE Autopilot for improve security at reduced cost
  • Getting more done in your DevOps team sprints



Why am I writing this article?

Recently there’s been a number of big changes to Atlassian Cloud products. A few, even became free or bundled with other price plans. Arguably, all are good products, some you may say are great in their space. As all of this has rolled out, they’ve sent out quite a few emails and one of the recent emails got me thinking about a tutorial I wrote a while back about how to manage DevOps work streams in the context of Agile sprints and Agile software, like Jira and Confluence. This made me want to write an update to this article and see how the idea has stood the test of time and different work environments as I've introduced it for other clients.


 This month's thoughts are around:

  • Digital rights management and open source
  • Protecting your business against service downtime
  • Trusted computing on Cloud infrastructure 


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